Get to Know Our Instructors

Our dedicated team of instructors brings a wealth of expertise in veterinary professional education, ensuring you receive top-notch training from industry leaders.

Dr. Julia Baynes

BVSc, Veterinarian

Dr. Julia Baynes, a passionate veterinarian based in Matamata, Waikato, New Zealand, takes pride in enhancing the dairy herd of New Zealand through cutting-edge genetics. Her journey in the veterinary field includes diverse roles, from vet-in-training to a seasoned mixed animal veterinarian. Dr. Baynes has recently served as the National Sales & Marketing Manager in an international enterprise specializing in cattle improvement.

With a solid educational foundation, Dr. Baynes holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in veterinary science, veterinary clinical science, veterinary medicine, and Marketing and Management. Beyond her corporate endeavors, Dr. Baynes dedicates time to share her wealth of knowledge as an instructor in the veterinary professional education.

Her commitment to advancing veterinary practices, coupled with a wealth of experience, makes Dr. Julia Baynes a valuable asset in the realm of veterinary training.

Dr. Paul Van Der Wel

BVSc, Veterinarian

Dr. Paul Van Der Wel, a seasoned Veterinarian based in Waikato, New Zealand, offers comprehensive Veterinary Locum services. With an impressive career spanning 40 years in the veterinary industry, Dr. Van Der Wel has honed his skills as a Veterinary surgeon and adept veterinary manager.

His journey encompasses various roles, from Veterinarian to Managing Director, reflecting a wealth of experience and expertise. Dr. Van Der Wel has served as a Veterinary Locum, offering his skills and insights to different veterinary practices. His recent endeavors involve project management for a large veterinary group, focusing on the development of their Companion Animal Business systems.

In addition to his hands-on roles, Dr. Van Der Wel shares his extensive knowledge as an instructor in the veterinary professional education. His commitment to excellence is underscored by graduate and postgraduate studies in Veterinary Medicine and business management.

With a demonstrated history of leadership and proficiency, Dr. Paul Van Der Wel continues to make significant contributions to the veterinary field.